Using a tripod for product shots

If like me you’ve been feeling uninspired with your product shots lately you’re probably thinking it’s time for a change.  Sometimes it’s the smallest change that can make all the difference so I got to thinking about where my inspiration had gone.

After a nice cup of tea I had a discovery:

  • Sadly – I remembered that I had snapped my mini tripod and even my serious glue wasn’t strong enough to fix it.  Taking photos without it has not been that easy.
  • Worst still – I remembered I had ordered a replacement that had been filed away in a cupboard and has never been used.
  • Enter what I am now calling the 3-legged spider.
New Tripod with Sony Lens

New Tripod with Sony Lens

After a bit of experimentation I found that this tripod has many good points:

  1. You can use it to attach a lens or your mobile phone as it has an additional attachment.
  2. The modular legs mean you can use it at varying heights and angles.
  3. It only fell lens forward once before I learnt that you need a leg at the front for support.
  4. It’s great for photographing variations in the same spot.
  5. No more wonky angles.
  6. No more camera shake.
Photographing variations

Photographing variations

I had wanted to buy an original GorillaPod tripod for some time but had never really had the spare cash to do it so I bought a cheaper version.  After using this one I think I can justify spending the money for the original tripod as I’d like to use some for the other functions that the tripod can do.  It was designed to hang your camera from things so you can do overhead shots and I’m not sure I’d like to risk breaking my lens by doing that with this one.

Have you ever tried using a tripod to take your photographs? How did it work out for you?  If not, you should definitely give it a try and you may get a little more inspired about taking your product shots.


Recycled Bunting Tags

Every now and then I get to make something so cute that I just have to share it. These recycled bunting tags are just that.  They have a cute heart shaped hole for your ribbon or bakers twice.  They work well as business cards to go in with your orders or as name tags attached to party favours for your guests.

I set about trying to make a larger size in my flag tags and made these ace looking bunting tags. What I’m most excited about was that I managed to find recycled card in these 3 lovely colours. I usually work with recycled kraft card as I love how it prints and cuts but after a bit of searching online I found both white and pink recycled card for a reasonable price.

Recycled Bunting Tags

Recycled Bunting Tags in landscape

I enjoyed working on them so much that I had to make both landscape and portrait tags in all 3 colours.

Recycled Bunting Tags in portrait

Recycled Bunting Tags in portrait

I’m not usually a fan of pink but these came out so well and the colours almost remind me of Neapolitan ice cream. Mmm.

Recycled Raspberry Bunting Tags in Portrait

Recycled Raspberry Bunting Tags in Portrait

Now I’ve got a taste for making these I may just add some more lovely colours to my list.

What colours would you like to see?

Clear 2 inch circle stickers

Sticker Love!

I’ve finally managed to look up from my cutter to realise that I have neglected some of my other printed items.  It’s been a really long time since I last listed my 2 inch clear circle stickers. The reason for this is once again due to certain technology issues which I won’t go into.  Let’s just say that not all laser printers are equal. 🙂

I am happy to say that that they are officially back and listed here in my Etsy shop.

Clear 2 inch circle stickers

Clear 2 inch circle stickers

While I was in the zone I also made the templates for these cute heart stickers. I added to them my stash a while ago and thought it was about time I tried them out. I think they came out really well and are also available in my Etsy shop here with a white background. Other colours may follow soon.

Heart shaped stickers

Heart shaped stickers

I have got the sticker bug back so expect to some more clear stickers coming soon. Are there any sticker shapes and sizes that you could recommend I try? I’m always open to suggestions, or any excuse to expand my stash and experiment on new styles.

New paper cutting tool

I’ve been a little busy distracted recently….. well since October to be precise. My workflow has completely changed as I’ve started all over again with a shiny new cutter and different software. This is something I had thought about but didn’t expect to happen for at least another year.

Unfortunately my Silhouette Portrait had to be retired during the busiest month of the year. I tried to get Cameo to troubleshoot it with me but after a week I admitted defeat. This left me with the choice of either buying another or taking the bold step to buy something I’d coveted for some time.

Obviously I took the plunge and bought my dream cutter. It can do dual head cutting and it flashes purdy colours when it boots up. It’s basically a raspberry pie with disco lights so definitely an upgrade with a lot less limitations.

cutter_blog_post - 10

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Creating my first Bujo – Bullet Journalism

It’s been a while since I posted last and it got me thinking about all the things I’ve been doing since my last post. I have a long list of exciting topics that I want to share with you, some of which were planned and some impromptu. Unfortunately, I haven’t found the time to fit them in.

I realise that despite using spreadsheets for my day job – I have a lot to learn about planning and being organised. I also need to find a way to remember things and balance my time better.

I think I have the answer…….


My first BuJo – Learning to be organised!

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What’s in your colour palette?

Making colour palettes for projects is really good fun, I used to do this a lot when working on websites.  You could take a photo of your favourite sunset and use it as the inspiration for your design. I spent many a quiet hour doing this.

My question to you is have you ever made one for yourself?

Using the ColourToy app you can make a colour palette from a photo of yourself. Here’s what my palette looked like:

My colour palette

Oddly, the first make-up I bought from the Body Shop was almost identical to these colours. What’s really nice about the app is that it also gives you the hexadecimal code so you can recreate the colours exactly. Continue reading

Our Etsy Craft-tea Party #EtsyCraftParty

IDEAS Birmingham Etsy team took part in #EtsyCraftParty focusing heavily on the ‘Craft-tea Party’ aspect. With crafting, eating cakes and sharing a virtual cuppa online being our usual thing, meeting up at Boston Tea Party and doing it all for real made for an amazing afternoon followed by much after-party fun.

BTP Corporation Street is a fantastic venue, the staff are so friendly and the cakes……. well the cakes can speak for themselves. I had heard their Earl Grey was amazing but I didn’t quite believe it would quickly go to the top of my favourites. Much respect to Lottie from SimplyCharlotteB & PaperOwlPackages for recommending them both. Continue reading