New paper cutting tool

I’ve been a little busy distracted recently….. well since October to be precise. My workflow has completely changed as I’ve started all over again with a shiny new cutter and different software. This is something I had thought about but didn’t expect to happen for at least another year.

Unfortunately my Silhouette Portrait had to be retired during the busiest month of the year. I tried to get Cameo to troubleshoot it with me but after a week I admitted defeat. This left me with the choice of either buying another or taking the bold step to buy something I’d coveted for some time.

Obviously I took the plunge and bought my dream cutter. It can do dual head cutting and it flashes purdy colours when it boots up. It’s basically a raspberry pie with disco lights so definitely an upgrade with a lot less limitations.

cutter_blog_post - 10

Before it arrived I had to reorganise my workspace and this meant tidying my desk. Underneath the piles of paper, card and test cuts I found quite a few useful yet forgotten supplies.  If you haven’t tidied your desk in a while I definitely recommend doing it.

cutter_blog_post - 1

Along with the down-sides to making such a big change and starting all over again there are many up-sides too. I am happy to say that I have found a supportive community online that not only help you troubleshoot issues quickly but they provide tutorial videos and pdf’s for most of the things I need to learn.  They also have direct contact with the developers of the software too so any bugs will get fixed a lot faster.  Now that’s pretty sweet!

I was also very lucky that the customers that still had open orders were very organised and had planned ahead. They were very understanding and were happy to wait while I caught up.

cutter_blog_post - 15

During those experimental afternoons I realised this new start was exactly what I had needed even if the timing was a little inconvenient. There are so many opportunities ahead of me now I just need to decide which path to take next.

cutter_blog_post - 3

Look out for new products in my Etsy shop in the coming months.

cutter_blog_post - 19

Have you had to start over again recently?  Did you find it opened a lot more doors for you too?


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