I’m a graphic designer selling custom business cards, gift tags and packaging labels worldwide on Etsy.  I am really interested in typography, different card stock and cutting techniques.

Although Adobe’s Creative Suite wasn’t the first software I tried for design it is by far my favourite.  As a Mac user in the 90’s I can’t have one without the other.  When they added Illustrator to their suite I really got to grips with using vector graphics and became addicted to it too.

Nowadays I am exploring Silhouette Studio as it has the capacity to make my work uniform and this works well with my design OCD leaving me plenty of thinking space left to create.

Everything you see on this blog can be purchased from my Etsy shop. All designs are custom unless otherwise stated so cannot be reproduced for someone else. If you are interested in getting a custom design, a unique design will be created just for you.

Take a look at my Etsy Shop for more packaging ideas.

These business cards were created for a new Etsy seller called Wild Woods Beasties to go in with her parcels.  I’ve been working on a new project with her recently so will add it to my portfolio soon.

She loved the cards so much she ordered some custom folded cards.


Folded cards are not yet listed in my Etsy shop but if you are interested in ordering some for your business or event then do get in touch.


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